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C+ Tea Clarifying Mist instantly offsets the damaging effects of ozone, smoke, smog, free radicals and airborne particles – anywhere, anytime! In seconds, this antioxidant protection, in a portable mist, saves your skin in four ways! First, Fumitory and Lemon extracts and Ergothioneine work together to neutralize atmospheric ozone, ultimately helping your skin survive smoggy climates and ensuring jet-lagged skin makes a beautiful arrival. Second, white tea extract protects skin from dryness and irritation. Third, Ocean-Grown Algae keeps skin pure in the presence of airborne pollutants and neutralizes free radicals for fresh, hydrated comfortable skin. Finally, Vitamins C and E keep skin moist, even in the driest climates.

Reverse the aging of your skin with this Omega Nourishing Crème. This product specifically targets skin that has suffered at the hands of time. It works to overturn the glycation process and protect the skin’s barrier from environmental aggressors by balancing tone and reducing redness, leading to revitalization previously unseen. Additionally, the MatrixLift Technology and Time Reversal Complex work to preserve firmness and elasticity, which works to gradually helps to rebuild tighter, firmer, stronger skin and correct visible signs of aging.

Recover your skin in minutes from exposure to air pollution and smog with this Lemongrass Clay Detox Masque. Using a fast acting blend of ocean grown Algae, Fumitory and Lemon extracts infused with purifying essential oils of Grapefruit and Lemongrass, absorbent Clays neutralize surface radicals and damaging impurities. Additionally, the Garden Cress Sprouts will boost the skin’s resistance to environmental pollutants and toxic free radicals, leaving your skin feeling revived and comfortable.

Gently polish skin to an ultra-smooth finish with this Volcanic Crystal Kukui Crème. Reveal fresh skin, reduce enlarged pores, soften dark spots and dramatically smooth fine lines and soften acne or other scarring in weeks with this blend of volcanic microcrystals. Power-packed with active ingredients such as green tea, chamomile tea and jojoba oil, this exfoliant is like having an at-home microdermabrasion that will help revive the skin’s natural barrier as it soothes and conditions the skin.

Lift and smooth away all major changes that the aging eye experiences with this Persian Silk Eye Serum. Lines and wrinkles, dark shadows, puffiness, loss of volume, firmness and sagging of the upper lid, will soon be a thing of the past! Beautifeye, a clinically-tested synergistic blend of two plant extracts, and Anti-Gravity Technology firms and helps shield the eye area from aging high energy lights produced by smartphones, tablets and computer screens. The addition of Mung Bean Sprout Stem Cells protect the collagen from harmful environmental conditions and photo-damage, reducing signs of sensitivity in addition to enhancing firmness and elasticity.

Sunflower Calming Skin Crème is a luxuriously rich moisturizer formulated for extremely dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin. The liposome encapsulated Rosemary helps repair the skin’s protective barrier at the deepest level, while ingredients such as Sea Whip, Shea Butter, Green Tea, Sunflower, Jojoba Oil and other plant extracts soothe visible redness and other sights of sensitivity. Targeted antioxidants also help control early signs of aging, which appear sooner in sensitive skin.

Cater to the unique needs of the often-neglected, prematurely-aged region below the face with this Cranberry Neck Firming Crème. Containing highly effective skin remodeling peptide groups and age-fighting Toniskin, this product will help enhance, tone and reduce visible puffiness for younger, firmer skin. The European yeast extract, Toniskin, and antioxidant-rich Cranberry oil work to revive fatigued skin, support repair and improve overall tone.

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Patient Testimonials on AVAinfuse

The perfect travel companion, whether you are jet setting or hitting the gym, the AVAinfuse Escape Essentials is equipped with perfect combination of skin-saving must-haves. The Omega Nourishing Crème tackles skin aging, The Volcanic Crystal Kukui Exfoliator reveals fresh skin, The C + Tea Clarifying Mist provides four-way antioxidant skin protection, The Lemongrass Clay Detox Masque boosts skin’s resistance, and the Sunflower Calming Skin Crème helps repair the skin’s protective barrier at the deepest level.